is a program that was specifically developed to assist new and existing kiosk businesses located in an enclosed shopping mall, office building, concourse or underground shopping centre/train station concourse.

This program was developed to make YOUR process of Purchasing Insurance for your business EASY, AFFORDABLE and specific to YOUR NEEDS!

This program was designed to meet the specific needs of a kiosk operation – no more sifting through what you need and what you don’t need – we understand your needs.

We will make your kiosk insurance application process quick, simple and easy. Actually, go ahead and try it. Get INSTANT Insurance ONLINE – RIGHT NOW!

All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited is proud to be a member of the A.R. Group of Companies and has been serving the residents and businesses of Ontario since 1954.

Special Note: We cannot produce instant online policies for policies involving: alcohol sales, use of a grill, deep fat frying, body piercing, tattooing or any type of professional liability exposure.